Weekly Recap 2/24/13 – 3/2/13

It was a big week!  I was able to set three personal records this week: (1) weekly mileage; (2) monthly mileage; and (3) half-marathon time.  The marathon training is approaching its peak but my body seems to be adjusting pretty well.

Scheduled Runs

Sunday- New Orleans Rock n Roll Half Marathon
Monday – Rest
Tuesday- 5 miles
Wednesday- 8 miles
Thursday- 5 miles
Friday- Rest
Saturday- 18 miles (ended up stopping at 17 because the Striders’ training route was a mile short)


I started off the week by shaving off a couple minutes from my 13.1 PR, finishing the half in 2:43.  I wasn’t sure if one day of rest would be enough to bounce back into training from a destination race, but my week ended up going pretty well.  I finished each of the 5-8-5 runs strong.  I had been concerned because since starting to use a Garmin, my pace had been slower.  I started rotating in a couple new pairs of shoes (a new pair of Asics GT-2000s and New Balance1080V2s) my pace dropped again.  I think my shoes going dead may have been part of the problem.

As the month ended on Thursday, I wrapped up my best month yet.  I finished the month with 138.3 miles.  My best before that was January with 106 miles. Although there has been somewhat of a challenge in balancing the increased mileage with school and work, I have really enjoyed my ability to spend more time with myself out on the road and the increased challenge of longer and longer runs.

As the week wrapped up today, I finished my best week yet with 48.12 miles.  My best week before this had been two weeks ago with 39.07 miles.  Although, this week was a bit of an anomaly because a race and a long run fell on the same 7 days. Probably won’t beat this PR until my fall marathon training plan.

Other happenings

1. Mo Farrah is quite the guy calling off the hounds from the ill-prepared reporter that interviewed him after his half marathon win on Sunday.

2. Hide yo kids and hide yo wife and hide yo husband because the sinkhole’s comin’.  But seriously, a really strange and sad story.

3. More financial debates in DC.

Looking forward

I have a pretty big week coming up. 6 – rest – 5 – 8 – 5 – rest will be pretty standard going forward but I will have another chance to lower my 13.1 PR at the Tom King Classic on Saturday.  I am looking forward to getting some experience racing on hills in preparation for the Country Music Marathon.  The race ended up selling out, so I was lucky to think to register early!


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